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Edge version repository


Note: over the air updates are only supported for Windows operating systems

It is suggested to manually update all Edge instances previous 2.7.180 - instead of using the Senseforce Over the air Update. If manual installation is not possible, make sure that only one Windows service is running on the system you are about to update!
Starting with 2.7.180, any Edge version is capable of also OTA updating, if several Windows services are running on the same system.

You can download the newest and previous versions of the Paze.Industries EDGE directly from our github repository.

Senseforce Edge Overview

The Senseforce Edge solution provides a flexible plugin system to connect various input interfaces. Senseforce Edge implements a calculation engine to execute basic aggregations. The transmission engine sends the data – again utilizing a flexible plugin system on the output side – to a cloud system or local database. The data routing system the connection of various input sources and routing of the data to several output destinations, if desired.

Senseforce Edge Plugin System

The Edge architecture is designed to either use existing plugins or to easily create new plugins. Contact us if you need to integrate protocols and interfaces which are not already included in the Edge. MQTT is used by default to send data to the Senseforce cloud. A two-step system allows data to be cached locally in the event of network issues. Depending on the hard disk configuration, several days without an internet connection can be overcome with no loss of data.

Senseforce Edge Overview

Hardware requirements

Senseforce Edge is designed to support low-end x86-based hardware. Windows 7, Windows 10 as well as several Linux distributions are supported out of the box.

CPU: Dual Core 1GHz

RAM: 512MB

Disc: 512MB (HDD, SSD)

Internet: 512 kBit bandwidth

Operating system: Windows 7 SP 1.0, Windows 10 or Linux (x86 64 Bit, ARM)