SF Edge Asset Management

Edge prerequisites

Version: To allow over the air asset management, your edge instances require at least version 2.7.0.xxx. Manually update with the latest version, downloadable here:

Edge version repository

Configuration: In the same folder as "appsettings.xml" a file "otasettings.xml" is required. Default folder: C:\ProgramData\Senseforce\Luna Data\[ServiceName]\configs

An exemplary otasettings.xml is provided here:

Make sure to correctly enter the following information in the file:

  • username & password

  • ServerUrl

  • InstanceIdentifier

Contact Senseforce support to get the necessary credentials and identifiers.

Manage thousands of Edge instances

The SF Edge component enables you to participate in the IIoT journey. Manageing a vast amount of local instances used to be difficult and required close alignment with the customer. With the Senseforce Asset Management tools, each instance can be updated and reconfigured at any time.

To access the Asset Management Toolset your Senseforce user requires "Thing Write" access permissions. Make sure to provide the according to rights with the group management tool.

Navigate to Edge Device Management to open the Asset Management Tools.

Asset Management Toolset

a. Edge overview: All connected Edge instances are displayed in the center of the screen

Currently, only online Edges are displayed. We are working on also providing information for offline Edge instances and possibilities to schedule updates for them.

b. Action panel menu: Click here to access the available actions for a single Edge

c. Action panel: The following options are available to execute remotely:

  • Upload new Edge config: Create a zip file of all the configuration files you want to send to the Edge. You are able to update all configs at once or individual configuration files.

Upload new edge config dialog

The Edge configuration folder structure must be prevailed. If you'd like to update the MqttSettings.xml, make sure to add the following folders into the zip-file configurations/OutputPlugins/Mqtt/MqttSettings.xml

  • Restart Edge: Restarts the Edge as well as all plugins

  • Read the configuration and log files: This option allows to perceive all configuration and log files from an Edge instance. Chose whether to read configurations only or also the log files. All collected configurations and log files are available by pressing the button (e). Reading configurations and logs may take up to 5 minutes.

A maximum amount of 10MB of files can be transferred. If larger log files are available, the operation fails. Untick "Retrieve log files" to only read configuration files.

  • Upload new Edge version: Keeping edge software update is critical for system security. Enter the URL where to download the Edge binaries into the update dialog. The URLs are provided by Senseforce as a new Edge version is released. See our Edge version repository for our latest URLs.

    Chose Overwrite Configuration = Yes to overwrite the local Edge configuration folders with the once in the update binaries. The recommended option is to keep "No".

d. Bulk actions: All the described Action Panel options are also available for multiple Edges at once. Select one or several instances and perform the corresponding action.

f. Edge search: Search for one or several specific instances